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Shin Ramyun Redesign

Packaging Design & Communication Assignment 2: Commercial Design Solution
Shin Ramyun Redesign
Designing and creating a physical prototype of a packaging solution for an existing commercial product
You are required to design and create a physical prototype of a packaging solution for a commercial product of your choice (this can be an existing or new product/brand).  
The design should have a strong focus on the visual design for marketing the product to the desired target audience, whilst also considering the sustainability and ecological impact of the materials and manufacturing processes required to bring it to market

Founded in 1965, under Lotte Food Industrial Company, in Seoul, South Korea. They started creating and selling their own instant noodles and snacks. Nowadays, they’ve become the most popular instant noodle/snack brand in Korea and continue to expand their products around the world. 

Their most well known product, ‘Shin Ramyun’ was first introduced in 1986 and grew in popularity due to its delicious spicy taste with the affordable price tag. The product continued to evolve from its initial release with spicier and more convenient iterations available. Since its creation, Shin Ramyun popularity still continues to grow around the world with over 22 billion packs sold. 
The goal of the redesign is to add more of an appeal towards the western market while keeping the authentic Korean feeling. I kept the cartoony look seen in other Korean instant noodle packages with the flames and icons. The graphics are done with a simple vector style to keep it minimalistic, which is a style that is used with packaging in the west. The combination of these two styles will hopefully appeal towards the western audience while keeping the authentic Korean feel to the product. The typeface of the brand is Black Han Sans, which is a bold san-serif that was adjusted from Chivo Black to fit with Korean characters. The English alphabet has also been redesigned from Chivo Black to match with the Korean design. 
The materials used are all paper, which allows all the packaging to be recycled, reducing the environmental impact. This solves the original packaging issue of recycling as it’s made from plastic.
I experimented with the placement of the graphical elements and the text until I found a variation that I was happy with. The die lines are all designed by me, while using existing ones to base from.
Unboxing Video
All the information from the original packaging has been transferred over with the addition of the “Try Adding” section. Nongshim encourages experimentation and personalizing your noodles, as they share other people's recipes and creations involving their noodles. Although the “Try Adding” section uses simple ingredients, it adds as a gateway into experimenting with the noodles.
Shin Ramyun Redesign


Shin Ramyun Redesign