FITIL APP: Brand Identity & App Development


Fitil is a “smart” dating app that uses data to make the perfect match. The word "fitil" means a fuze in Russian. In other words, it is a cord on a firecracker that makes blasts explode. We turned the fitil inscription clockwise and completed the logo with distinctive lines. So it turned out to be a spark, or even an explosion, which occurs when people find each other.

FITIL is an unusual dating platform. Here potential partners are selected by psychotype: to start using the application, you need to pass a psychological test. Using the test results, FITIL algorithms will select the right person, and event organizers will help them meet.

The audience of the service is wealthy people, so all brand
communication is designed in a classic fashion style. Brand elements
like the line of the wick and the spark go through the entire visual communication forming the corporate identity.

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FITIL APP: Brand Identity & App Development