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    Manic Confusion is a game made for Indie Speed Run 2013. Face off against your friends in gladitorial mannequin combat- with a twist!
Manic Confusion is a game that my roommate Matt Barrett and I made for the Indie Speed Run game jam in September 2013. We were assigned to make a game that fit the theme of confusion, that included an additional element: mannequins.
In Mannequin Fusion, we imagined what mannequins do when the store's closed and everybody has gone home. Clearly, gladitorial arena combat is the answer. 2 players face off, hop around the arena (mannequin legs don't really have a wide range of movement) and simply try to kill each other. Problem is, the room is full of about 50 other mannequins, all hopping around, and they all look the same!
The result is a hilarious and intense game of stealth and disguise, as players try to blend in with the computer-controlled mannequins. Making an attack or moving with a little too much conviction could tip your hand.
Two of these mannequins are players. Only one will be the winner.