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Car window breaker
Industrial Design

Objemer is an emergency car window breaker designed for a Korean startup Escape lab. To solve the dangerous behavior of people storing typical breakers in hidden compartments due to their obtrusive looks, Objemer is designed to be placed in easily accessible areas by blending in with the car interiors while also acting as an elegant object.

Its design takes the sharp end, which is an essential function required in window breakers, and turns it into a simple yet sculptural design. Made of a single block of metal, the hammer head material gives a sense of solid reliability and its CNC machined shape is precise and effective. When nested into its magnetic mount, the window breaker is safely hidden away into a simple rectangular block. And when the breaker is taken out, it immediately communicates its purpose with its intuitive shape.

Project / Objemer
Client / Escape lab
Category / Car window breaker
Date / 2021

Car window breaker