These are the two projects for the snack's brand Jenya Tkach and I did over the May-July. I made the character design and Jenya was responsible for the colour (and the patience) part.

    The brand idea and packaging design was created by Alexander Gavrilchik
    These six characters were for the meat snacks. There must be a freak farm animals, like:
    DJ Igor is a very hipster turkey, he'd be a Moscow dance star, if he wasnt a..you know, a turkey.
  • Petya, The-Chicken-Jerky-King. He is the object of agricultural industry's pride. Chicks adore his magnificent tail, colored like a russian flag. Yet there are some details in his appearance that might have you question his sanity :)
  • Bull Tupogub. I'm not sure that there's a way to translate this correctly. It is from old russian patter about bull's chops, which are white and not very witty.
  • Pedal horse is a reference to the actual thing. This toy was manufactured in the soviet times and was presented as a "all the best for the kids" symbol. Unfortunately the kid had to be quite strong to cover any distance at all on this thing, not to mention that in will topple at it's side at any given opportunity. So the manufacturing was seized and the term Pedal Horse was used to describe something very stupid ever since.
  • Mr. Hog is the only snob in the idiot company. And yes, he is in Uncle Sam's hat.
  • Turbo-Deer is a total RnB nut. Coward and bully, spray tanning fan.
    Wicked Fish
    These are for the fish snacks. There must be a beer sea everywhere. 
  • Kraken
    And, of course, the giant squid.
  • Beer Mermaid has her own theory on how to seduce sailors >:3
  • Beer Mistress
    Sailors go speechless at her sight. Can turn human into a mermaid by kissing.
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