Poster #1 - 12" × 24"
Poster #2 - 14" × 24"
Poster #3 - 16" × 24"
This is a series of three posters I created for a Shins poster contest sponsored by Imeem in the spring of 2007. The prize was a trip to Boston to see them perform at the Orpheum Theatre. Though I didn't win, it was a lot of fun working on these and I'm proud of how they turned out.

Conceptually I had a number of different ideas, but due to time I had to narrow them down to three. The first is a fun, very literal interpretation of the band's name, with the Boston skyline in the background. The second is inspired by the song "Australia" from their album "Wincing the Night Away", specifically the "Himmler in your coat" lyric, which always stood out to me. (Given the evil nature of Himmler's existence, I sought to interpret it as comically as possible and make him appear completely un-menacing). And finally, for the third poster I used the song title "Red Rabbits" as my inspiration.