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Art Accrediting
Art Accrediting

*Most extensive and updated studies of Asia-Pacific artists from the view of Taiwan
*Inclusion of 23 artists from 7 countries
*11 in-depth curatorial articles exploring themes from ocean, islandness to Anthropocene
*Bilingual publication in Chinese & English

Once upon a time, humans sailed across the surging ocean, traveling, along the ocean currents, to far-away lands. From the migration of the Austronesians to the adventures in the Age of Exploration, these voyages generated countless cultural encounters and collisions, which have contributed to making the world we know today. Now, a new wave is rising again; notably, the COVID-19 pandemic has been raging from 2020 to 2021. While the tide of globalization used to make our communications more frequent, nowadays, we are no longer a network in which everyone is free to contact one another; instead, we have done everything within our powers to become an island, isolated from one another.

In the meantime, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA) is ready to present “Pan-Austro-Nesian Arts Festival”: the deepest and most contrasting exhibition in the age of the pandemic. The meaning of each word in “Pan-Austro-Nesian” is:

Pan ─ expansive, all-inclusive visions that transcend boundaries.
Austro ─ plural, non-center-constrained perspectives.
Nesian ─ multilateral oceanic connections.


Chp1: Curatorial
• About the “Pan-Austro-Nesian Arts Festival”︱Yulin Lee
• From Unknown to Unknown︱Zara Stanhope
• The Journey Continues: New Currents in Oceanic Art︱Reuben Friend

Chp2: Profile
• Yuki Kihara/ Wang Hong-Kai/ Wu Sih-Chin/ Wu Tsan-Cheng / Hiroshi Sugimoto/ Idas Losin/ Rahic Talif / Dondon Hounwn/ Labay Eyong/ Lala Rukh/ Chiu Chieh-Sen & Margot Guillemot/ Jane Jin Kaisen/ John Pule / Ngahina Hohaia/ Chang Chih-Chung / Chang En-Man/ Jonathan Jones / Tjimur Dance Theatre / Kulele Ruladen / Masiswagger Zingrur / Varig Tinaway / Lu Chien Ming / Lola Greeno

Chp3: Essay
• Beyond Maps, Beneath Sea Level: Observations on the “Pan-Austro-Nesian Arts Festival”︱Hsu Po-Han
• A Ritual Formation that Resonates with the Ocean: On Lola Greeno’s Necklaces and Labay Eyong’s Textiles︱Tseng Fang-Ling
• Animalizing, Animating, and Interspecies Communication: Interspecies Politics in Wu Sih-Chin’s Works︱Fang Yen-Hsiang
• Language, Land, Borders: How Jonathan Jones Rebuilds the Aboriginal Cultural Landscape︱Hsieh Yu-Ting
• Varhung: The Infinite Body of Sound︱Tsui Tsai-Shan
• The fields and Mountains are Evermore Guarded by My Soul - Uong e Yatauyungana︱Ko Nien-Pu
• Creating Arts in the Forest - Behind the Scenes of Chien-Ming LU’s Ecological Restoration Project at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts︱ Huang Han-Yau
• Lu Chien-Ming x Varig Tinaway: Practice and Respond Toward the Ecology of the Environment and Cultural Revival Experiment︱Tsai Chia-Wen, Hsieh Yu-Ting

Client:kaohsiung museum of fine arts
Cover Paper:采憶-山彥奉書-92g
Title page Paper:聯美-馬諦斯-100g(F6192)
Inside page Paper:恆成-日標B7-92g
Print:CMYK / 網版印白墨
Design team:Gholette / Liao wei
Art direction:Liao wei
Art Accrediting

Art Accrediting