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Riff Ruff

Riff Ruff is a modern & holistic approach to pet care that enables you and your pet to enjoy the world together. We were responsible for the Art Direction for this project, from branding through to packaging and web design. The goal was to create a brand that is enjoyed by all, genderless and feels approachable. Riff Ruff’s main offering is a shampoo and a conditioner for dogs, we based the identity around the shape of foam, building a brand system that can expand beyond the brand’s current offering and creating custom illustrations that fit the brand’s ethos. Riff Ruff’s branding bridges the gap between the pets and their owners, and celebrates the playful nature of our pets and the moments we enjoy together.



September 2021

Art Director: Nolwenn Kae
Brand Designer: Hana Sato

Riff Ruff
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Multiple Owners
SUQEBAN studio