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What's your flavour?

What's Your flavour?
adobe photoshop France, 2021

Cultural identity is the result of a wide range of influences. We get inspired by our direct neighbours, our countries of origin and we ourselves are a blend of various backgrounds. 

Like ingredients in a dish, we may choose tomatoes from Mexico, potatoes from Peru, cheese from France and add some spices from East Asia. Almost all our favourite dishes contain a little something from somewhere else.

So we asked the question, what is the main ingredient in what it means to be French today? We asked our creative community to tell their personal story through a medium that is particularly cherished in France - good food. We teamed up with four renowned French creatives to design a dish which defines the spirit of modern day France to them, while telling us their own personal story. These featured artists are Aurelia Durand, Lili des Bellons, Léa Chassagne and Yue Wu.

Furthermore, we launched a community activation on Instagram to see what stories the creative community has to share with the world. The winning artwork was by the talented Flora Sagnes, who won with her creation ‘Pasta with butter’. The final cherry on the cake was working with famous chef Alexia Duchêne (Chef´s Table), who re-created Flora’s artwork by re-interpreting it into real life, turning it into her own delicious dish.

Enjoy the project et bon appetit !​​​​​​​

the winning artwork "pasta with butter" by Flora Sagnes


Creative Director: Daniel Vargas Díaz 
Art Director: Fanny Engrand
Marketing Manager: Nathalie Jolivot
Creative Agency: DentsuAchtung
Artiste: Lili des Bellons, Léa Chassagne, Aurelia Durand, Yue Wu, Flora Sagnes
Chef: Alexia Duchêne

What's your flavour?