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NOM006 (Neoclassical interior design)
designed by: .......... Cyrill Romanov
location: ................. St. Petersburg, 107 Obukhovsky oborony Avenue, Russia
client: ..................... Private person
type: ....................... Apartment
description: ........... 3-room apartment in a modern neoclassical style with eclectic elements
year: ........................ 2021-2022
The apartment is located in a pre-revolutionary building built in 1916. In the USSR, this apartment was given for the needs of citizens and it turned into a communal apartment. In 2021, my client bought it for himself and his young wife and turned to me for a design project. 

Here's what came of it.
Apartment plan
For this project, 2 layouts were developed. The client chose and implemented second version as a result.
Hallway and corridor
Initially, the corridor was divided into 2 parts, as in many apartments of the pre-revolutionary period - into a front part and a part for maids.
During the design process, it was decided to demolish the partition that separated the corridor. Thus, increasing the space visually, adding air.
Kitchen combined with living room
Since the apartment is located on the second floor, and there are commercial premises on the first floor, it was possible to carry out the transfer of the wet zone both in fact and by law.
The main wish of the customer was precisely the combination of the kitchen area with the living area. That is why it was decided to abandon the kitchen island and the passage to the adjacent room.
According to the customer's assurances, such an arrangement of furniture and equipment will be as comfortable as possible for him. Well, the client's wishes are the law.
Living room
Since there are 3 rooms in the apartment, and customers love to spend time with friends, we decided to allocate one room specifically for the living room, where you can spend time in a large company, play a game console and smoke a hookah.
Initially, the architect designed an opening to another room in the room, so the apartment was originally with an enfillade system of passages. But during the USSR, this passage was laid, and the apartment turned into a communal one. In place of this passage, a niche remained, which was occupied by a huge cabinet-rack.
In the future, this room is considered by the customer as a children's room, which is correct - the child needs a lot of space.
The client dreamed of a dedicated dressing room in the bedroom, where he could store his things and change clothes. On 15 square meters, it was not without difficulty that it was possible to place a wardrobe, while maintaining the norms of ergonomics.
The black color of the bathroom was chosen by the customer, as for him it is a symbol of privacy, style and luxury.
The location of the shower system and bathtub was thought out by the customer. It's nice when the customer also takes part in the design of the interior of his home.
Toilet and laundry room
On 2.5 square meters, it was possible to arrange a toilet with an installation, a washbasin, and a washing and drying machine hidden in a built-in rack.
With the color scheme, it was customary not to deviate from the wishes of the customer to create a bathroom in black.
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NOM006 (Neoclassical interior design)
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Cyrill Romanov

NOM006 (Neoclassical interior design)