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D Drafting India serving precast concrete consultants for longer than 10 years. We are giving precast specifying administrations and precast concrete enumerating administrations to precast concrete constructions that have applications in carports, studios, stockpiling go-downs, business structures, and staggered private structures, and so forth We have an expert group of precast detailers having tremendous involvement with precast specifying of a wide range of precast structural designers utilizing top of the line innovation.

Our drawings are a mix of expert workmanship and a top-notch show without fail. We can deal with a huge swath of precast activities going from straightforward production lines to complex multi-story structures and have the ability to convey projects on schedule.

From our past encounters, we have gotten the hang of everything engaged with the plan/itemizing of precast company to concreate components and particular development frameworks that additionally incorporate the creation of shop drawings and supporting estimations. Our underlying designing specialists can likewise help you when it'll go to the protection of the divider boards which are taken on for the cladding of jail subordinate structures.

Rundown of our Precast Detailing Services:

Erection Drawing and part plan

Insertion plan

Shop Details for

Divider Panel (protected, strong and building)

Twofold Tee

Unburden-bearing and Load bearing Spandrel

Rectangular and Inverted Tee Beam


Empty Core Slab

Section Cover and moldings

Section Cap

Level Slab

Equipment Detail and Hardware Count

Lifting and Handling Detail

Our Precast Detailing Process:

A statement demand is gotten from the customer.

Your data is inspected by our assessor and a statement is created.

An agreement is endorsed by the customer and 2D Drafting India; after receipt our detailers will create erection endorsement drawings. You may likewise demand shop drawings to be made right now.

Endorsement drawings are shipped off our checker for survey.

Checked drawings are composed; remarks and concerns are fixed and confirmed.

Endorsement drawings are given to your organization. Drawings will be shipped off you in both DWG and PDF design for your benefit (Unless in any case mentioned).

The endorsement drawings are gotten back to 2D Drafting India with markup. All remarks will be joined into the drawings.

Shop drawings are produced from the recently organized erection drawings.

All drawings are again shipped off our checker for audit.

Checked drawings are re-facilitated to fix all issues noted by the checker.

Last erection drawings and shop drawings are then re-gave to your organization.

Our overall customers comprise of underlying specialists, proficient designers, steel fabricators, steel detailers, primary advisors, draftsmen, development firms, steel erectors, general workers for hire and so forth Additionally, as we are a pioneer in primary precast enumerating administrations, we are adhering to country explicit guidelines and codes, for example,

SDI AWS, and so on

We can furnish our one-of-a-kind precast enumerating administrations with the assistance of any sort of data sources you have. We are tolerating AutoCAD Files, Han drawn outlines or pictures, JPEG or Gif records, PDF documents, Scanned pictures or photographs, electronic documents, and so forth 2D Drafting India to produce 100% precast specifying and drawings administrations utilizing the most recent innovation and delicate products.
Precast Concrete Consultants |
SLABS Engineering Private Limited's profile
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Precast Concrete Consultants |


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