Lost Property /editing and illustrating/ - 2013
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    University project.
University project.
It was my first illustrated,
own edited and printed book.
Hungarian text (I'm visiting a hungarian university)
Graphic studies - Story editing in 3 style (baroque, film noir and unique)
Illustration project for a part of Jennifer Egan: A visit from the Goon Squad
I don't know what is the original English title. The hungarian "Talált tárgyak" means "Lost property".
The little things on the cover are the objects that have been stolen by the woman.
The small scripts near the objects are the numbers of the thefts.
Here you can see the inner cover.
It is a texture from the little things stolen by the woman.
There are my unique illustrations for the novel.
(I'm not going to upload the baroque and film noire ones, because they are just simple photo manipulates.)
You can see here the edited spreads
with the illustrations. Yes, the page numbers are inside,
because I wanted to do an experiment with this composition.
Hungarian text, again.
... and some photos I have taken.