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    Digital photos of my sister with gummy snakes in her mouth
A ti quéModel and makeup by my sister María
This reminded me of a story by Charles Perrault "the fairies":

"You are not very polite," replied the fairy, showing no anger. "Very well! In return for your lack of courtesy I grant that for every word you speak a snake or a toad shall drop out of your mouth."
As soon as her mother saw her returning she cried out, "Well, daughter!"
"Well, mother?" replied the rude girl. As she spoke two vipers and two toads fell from her mouth.

"el hada dijo: –cuando hablas, es como si de tu boca salieran sapos y culebras, y así será en verdad de ahora en adelante.
En cuanto la hija mayor llegó a su casa, su madre le preguntó:
–¿Cómo te ha ido, hija mía?
–¿A ti qué?– dijo la muchacha con voz chillona y de su boca salieron pequeños sapos y serpientes que se alejaron arrastrándose por el suelo."