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1500 Piece Puzzle Illustration
I designed this puzzle a couple years ago now and couldn't wait to share it with you guys however one certain global event got in the way (guess what it was!).
Better late than never! 

Here's a little story: what you see is a holiday resort for children/adults with their imaginary friends, welcoming everyone to visit and have good times cooking, watching movies, painting and playing games, splashing in the pool etc. The main character and her imaginary friend appear in the doorway in the corner as we speak, 
about to start their vacation. 
This puzzle is 1500 pieces!! It's large, ok? Me and my mom assembled one of these in the summer and it took us a couple of weeks I think. The box has a poster to use for a reference which was a huge help :) I haven't done any puzzles since I was a kid and forgot how captivating it is, suddenly you're like: wait, where did two hours of my life go!
I believe you can pre-order it here:

1500 Piece Puzzle Illustration


1500 Piece Puzzle Illustration