Zabala - Branding

to innovate 
since 1986.


Zabala is a leading international consultancy firm in innovation strategy and R&D&I financing. Since 1986, they have been accompanying and promoting entrepreneurs through the search for funding, management and development of innovation. Their objective is not to obtain aid, but to achieve the commercial success of their clients' projects. It is not the size, it is the attitude. It is not where, it is how and with whom.


Within a context of innovation, Zabala needed to build a persuasive brand, capable of transmitting security, confidence and capacity. Establish a relationship between areas, services, people and projects with quality content and a diversity of formats.


The keys to the visual identity are based on cooperation and commitment to people. To this end, we proposed an orthogonal modular construction system with a synthetic and minimalist geometry, we relied on the use of our own illustrations in which we incorporated humanised characters and with colour and typography we created a recognisable and flexible system with an innovative vocation.

The aim was to highlight collaboration in an individualised world with flexible graphics where every element is important. Innovation in a human way.

Zabala - Branding