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    A packaging project to target milkshake at an older audience.
Lavish Shakes
The milkshake market is vastly aimed towards children and young people yet there is an ever growing amount of milk based drinks, such as frappuccino's and iced latte's that are produced with an adult audience in mind. 
I have set myself this brief to design the packaging and promotion for a milkshake that is aimed solely at adults, this is an artisan and high-end product that would be stocked in Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Harvey Nichols. 

The range consists of four different flavours: Midnight (Chocolate), Cerise (Strawberry), Vanille (Vanilla), and Gold (Banana & White Chocolate).

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Print collateral inclusing coasters, promotional cards, poster, and gift card.
Let's slip into something a little more comfortable...
Additional products and promotion
To further tie the product to the adult audience I have promoted the products in a way that likens them to alcohol. Each flavour is paired to an alcohol glass and the copy relates the two, although the product isn't alcoholic the idea of having a sophisticated drink and the feelings that are evoked are the same.
On the company's social media outlets there will be regular updates and promotions that are prompted by seasons or holidays, this is an example of a Christmas advert. These could also extend to printed campaigns.
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