The Creative Blender
This project was selected as an Adobe Design Achievement Awards Finalist project in 2011. It was exhibited by Icograda and Adobe at the Taiwan Design Expo 2011.
The Creative Blender is a concept game intended to solve the problem that many designers have; coming up with an idea to start designing for clients or for any other purpose.

The purpose of design thinking is coming up with a creative solution to resolve a particular challenge. On several occasions, a designer limits to the proposal of few ideas. This game will help generate as many ideas as possible for this problem solving.

The proposed solution are these sets of flash cards. Designers will be able to come up with several ideas by using, mixing, matching, and interpreting the cards by making connections to their own experiences. These cards contain select words and when randomly mixed together they spark an idea. There is another set of inspirational cards, with quotes by designers and artists.