Client: ETEX, MADE
Category: Character-development, 2D illustration, 3D. 

Story – Message: As an installer you face a lot of different challenges. Questions such as: How do I get my name out there, how do I stay up to date with the latest innovations and how do I save time and avoid unprofitable quotes? Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner that supports you in these challenges? Cedral is here to help, and to guide you thru this process, meet Cedric from Cedral, always available to help you out! 

Concept: Character design, always a bumpy ride, for sure when it will be used as a brand-mascot. Together with our valued partners MADE and ETEX, we’ve dived into a challenging search for this masculine, friendly and helpful brand-ambassador, always ready to help the Cedral Select partners. Creating such character - for sure in 3D - always adds the difficulty of sustainable design, keeping the clients wish, requirements and taste in mind. Kicking off with brand guidelines, core values and the whole corporate she-bang, our goal was to shape this friendly and trusted fellow, created out of flexible wireframes and high quality structures. Always good to keep in mind: a very helpful way to find the right directions if to exclude non-directions by showing these in visuals. Welcome Cedric, happy to join you on your next ride!

Mood: Friendly, Masculine, Tools, Building, Ambassador, Reliable, Sustainable, Durable, Helpful, Passionate, Hardworking, Active.  
1) Concept, values, sketches. Likes and dislikes, go's and no go's. (2D)
2) Shapes, refinement, rough details, characteristics. (2D)
3) Colour preferences . Preferred, not-preferred and alternative brand colour combinations. Also to exclude. (2D)
4) To be final colour combinations. (2D)
5) Multi-perspective sketches. (2D)
6) 3D translation, style-frames.
7) Rig and refinement, details and emotion should be right. (3D)
8) Texture, shading, lighting, this really adds the real feeling. (3D)
9) (Minor) Motion design, bring it to life. (3D)
10) More to come! 
Studio: BEWYRD
Concept: Marcel Sterk, Karin van Zon, Craig Soenen, Wouter Wolff
Art Direction: Marcel Sterk
Illustration: Karin van Zon
Modelling: Thomas Fokker
Texture, light, shadow: Sander Wezenbeek
Let's create something worth creating. 
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Cedric from Cedral