Race Judicata tshirt designs_2009-2011
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    created a logo for Thompson Coburn's participation in the race judicator
Logo developed for Thompson Coburn's Race Judicata 2009 tshirt.
Tshirt designed for Thompson Coburn's participation in the 2009 Race Judicata help in Chicago Illinois
Evite created announcing the event.
Tshirt created for Thompson Coburn's participation in the Race Judicata held yearly in Chicago. The lions were used to create a yearly "comic strip feel" to the tshirts. Wanted to create anticipation as to what Thompson Coburn would create this year with the lions and a tag line.
Evite blast was created to remind those who were participating the details of the event.
Tshirt was created showcasing the lions again, but this time incorporating "The Bean". Take off from 2010's tshirt design.
Evite blast banner created to remind the race participates of the event details.