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Monarch Technical Tutor App — Caterpillar

An augmented reality application designed for Caterpillar to consult with engineers, order parts, maintain machines, guide through and build tutorials, repair faults, and overall improving and advancing engagement with their customers.

Researched augmented reality and competitively analyzed other repair applications, developed personas, journey maps, golden threads, and sketches and wireframes. Created prototypes, conducted user tests, and made final application iterations as a collaborative student project.

Shane de Sibour, Colin Krukiewicz, Jake Bontkowski
Journey map and design process
Concept features and mock-ups
Final designs
Home page
Fault list
Fault detected and tutorial selection
Augmented reality confirmation and 3D part repair
Augmented reality final step and 3D part repair final step
Order parts
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Monarch Technical Tutor App — Caterpillar

Monarch Technical Tutor App — Caterpillar