Hair Abstraction
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I started to draw hair a few years ago, it might be a very dull process, but it also creates a special condition, where it remains only a simple pencil and a line, then another line, then another and so on. 
Hair seems to be a mystery . Is it something alive or dead, or both? Is it insensitive or just has a different kind of nerves? Is it outside or inside the body, what happens when we cut off our hair. If it has the connection with our thoughts and is it true that it stores the information of the body for several years? Hair can be so beautiful and shiny on the head and at the same time so nasty when it's lying in the shower or in the food. 
Size: 1500mm x 1000mm; 2008;
Hair meditation is a large scale drawing, 
it represents an abstract substance of hair that creates it's own alive organism.
"Hair Liquid".
"Into the Hair".
Interactive graphic; size: 1300mm x 1100mm.
"Hairy stuff".