The objective of this project was to make an e-shop from scratch to final implementation.  SVC SHOP had to be created in compliance with the general corporate identity and be attractive to designers.

The SVC identity was developed by Ukrainian design studio 3Z. Consisting of simple, massive geometric shapes: squares and rectangles folding into solid blocks, it reflects the school's philosophy: systemic, fundamental design education. 

This case presents the final products of each stage of my work on the project: target audience definition, main users profiles, requirements for the site, it's structure and user flow presented in the form of an interactive prototype. I also designed all items that you will see below.

This project took 2 months. I hope you enjoy it.

The main audience of SVC SHOP are designers, people who pay attention to the visual component of things. Thus, the main page is minimalistic, and consists of large blocks taking up the entire width and height of the screen, showing the beauty of each product in large size. 

Hovering the mouse on an item, its stroke is highlighted in white. That helps users to understand that the product can be clicked on.

By clicking on an item, users can see its specific characteristics, add it to the cart, or back to the main page with all items. The button ADD TO CART is the most important element of this page, therefore it has a slightly different design with the rounded borders to attract attention.

The same as with the main screen by hovering over the button, it is filled with white. By clicking on it, the order parameters open to users. They consist of two parts: product and user information.


Item concepts
User experience research
User interface design
 Interactive prototype
Text content
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SVC shop


SVC shop

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