Dragonwood Life™
Private Retreat in the Woodlands of Rural Maine
Dragonwood provides off-grid lodging and local excursion booking for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and workshop leaders. Their extensive regional knowledge, preparedness, and collaboration with the local community allow them to create safe, fun and fulfilling adventures designed to rekindle your connection to the natural world.
The Brief
When we began, Dragonwood had no branding other than the name. They needed messaging, photography and a website. More than anything, they needed their guests to understand what Dragonwood offers—the simple life.
Scope of Work
Creative Direction
Brand Identity Design
Web Design
Web Development
Drone Video

Webflow Developer — Stefan Tilke
Drone Pilot — Frank Howell
Music — "Here be Dragons" by Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers
To start, we developed the messaging.

Provide guests with a comfortable, secluded, and off-grid homestead from which to enjoy safe, memorable adventures in the woodlands of Maine. 

Collaboration with the local community allows us to offer natural, fun and fulfilling opportunities designed to help our guests escape from the overwhelm of city life. Toward this end, our team is dedicated to enhancing every aspect of the guest experience by putting our regional knowledge and extensive preparedness to work.

A hidden gem where guests can find serenity, grounding, and the opportunity to check a few items off their bucket list.

Brand Promise
Expansive Seclusion

Rekindle your connection to the natural world.
Visual Identity
For the brand identity, we wanted to create something that would appeal to families with children and to more rugged outdoor enthusiasts. It couldn't be too childish, or too scary. We settled on the brand anchor "Earthy & Inviting", finding the meeting place between heavier earth tones and organic shapes with the refined lightness that the property boasts.

The logomark was inspired by the name Dragonwood. Initially the client wanted a smiling dragon with open arms, but I took a chance on a different idea—a sleeping dragon, protecting its treasure, the forest. A simple smile on the dragon's face helped create a sense of ease, inviting the viewer to share in its peacefulness. The sharp points of the sunshine ridge on the dragon's spine is eased by the circular frame shaped like the outer ring of a tree stump.

The logotype had to pair nicely with the logomark, and the brand was screaming for a wood-cut font, so we chose to modify the typeface WTR Roycroft. For the subtitle "Parkman, Maine" we used HWT VanLanen, another wood-cut font.
The rest of Dragonwood's typography had to be fun and inviting while retaining  their signature "Earthy & Inviting" feel. Angie Sans worked great for H1 text when paired with what to me felt like its little brother font, Artifex Hand CF. The wood-cut accent font, HWT VanLanen, gave just enough personality to compliment the others, bringing a sense of adventure and fanfare to pairing as a whole.

The color palette was carefully derived from colors found around the property.
The perfect rural Maine escape, Dragonwood is intertwined with local community, so we captured portraits for the founders and locals alike.
The Founders — Frank & Nicky Howell and Seth & Carrie Reed
Staff & Local Business Owners
The fully-custom CMS website was designed in Adobe® XD and developed in Webflow®. Check out the website and learn more about Dragonwood here.

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A private retreat in the woodlands of rural Maine, Dragonwood provides off-grid lodging and local excursion booking for families, outdoor enthusi Read More