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    Step by step process of character commission.
Step by step process of a character commission. 
Character belongs to - http://jono-wyer.deviantart.com/
Rough sketch.
The image was supposed to be very symmetrical so I just needed to draw one side and then mirror it. Except for the face and details on the torso/chest area.
The arms are the main focus of the piece so I wanted to make sure they had a lot of detail.
Softened the line art + line holds in certain areas.
Color correction on the arms + subtle highlights to give it volume + dirt/rust on the arms.
More defined highlights from a top light source.
Brighter highlights and details + shadows on the arms/body.
Added background + electricity effects onthe hands/shoulder area + reddish gradient map to bring the entire image together.
Finished piece.
Thanks for looking!