Interior Design
Architects: balbek bureau \ Slava Balbek, Bohodar Lysenko​​​​​​​
Project area: 58 sq. m
Project year: 2021
Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Photo credits: Maryan Beresh
Sirena is a new pizza spot in Dnipro, where it is sold both by slice or whole. The small area of ​​58 sq. m (including the kitchen area) comfortably accommodates up to 14 guests. Pizza can also be ordered to take away or on delivery.
The pizzeria is located in a lively place, on Sichovykh Striltsiv Street in the historical center of Dnipro. This is an area with its own unique gastronomic culture: several popular cafes and restaurants operate near Sirena.
Previously, a different street food spot was located here. Given the constrained budget, our task was to consider how to use and adapt what was left of it.
The main challenge was the technical aspect of the design: we had to implement a new lighting network concept and reorganize ventilation on the basis of existing engineering networks.
Sirena is an authentic cafe with a distinct local flair. This is a place where everything has its own story: from the metal cards that used to decorate the ceiling of the post office, to the furniture and mosaics that look like they were taken directly from a House of Culture or a Soviet public dining hall. 
The interior of Sirena is simple and clear. We removed most of the inappropriately luxurious decor left over from the previous establishment and adapted it to the new concept where possible. For example, the marble counter, like the ones used in Brooklyn pizzerias, organically fit into the entourage of Sirena.
The space is divided into a dining area (24 sq. m), kitchen area, technical rooms, and a small bathroom. A service area and an open kitchen are located to the left of the entrance. At first, the client planned to install a small oven but eventually settled on a larger one for baking four large pizzas at once. In order to fit this oven into the kitchen zone, the already installed serving counter had to be dismantled and slightly moved further into the hall.
The seating area in Sirena is non-standard: linear, placed along the length of the pizzeria, and turned to face the facade windows. This enabled us to create a visual connection between the space and the street: passers-by see what is happening inside the restaurant, and guests of the pizzeria observe the city life. 
Given the fast-food format of the pizzeria, we used firm, hard seating: one can sit in the hall on propro chairs, wooden benches, or semi-bar stools. We integrated mosaic panels made of tile fragments into the rough wooden countertops. 
An important accent in the interior was the mosaic panel by the artists EtchingRoom 1. The panel, which plays on the name of the pizzeria, depicts an ancient Greek siren and sailors, whom she lures with her singing.
The hall is lit by restored industrial lamps that were previously used in our BROmarket project, as well as standard track lighting that illuminates the dining area, entrance, and other zones and elements.
The branding of the pizzeria, including the graffiti in the bathroom and the inscription on the facade, was designed by artist Sasha Blagov.
The facade of the pizzeria is covered with perennial ivy. A vintage siren sourced by the owner is installed under the name of the establishment – another reference to the name of the pizzeria.
Stainless steel parking poles are mounted on a solid concrete porch. This is an allusion to the city's parking reform: now you can not park cars in close proximity to the facades of buildings – this space belongs exclusively to pedestrians.
Sirena’s guests fell in love with the wooden bench we placed on the porch. People enjoying a slice while having a great time is the best advert for a pizzeria.
The format of the pizzeria and the creative freedom we received from the owner of Sirena enabled our team to implement their boldest ideas. We managed to create an authentic place that fit organically into its urban context and soon became a beloved spot for the locals.
Multiple Owners
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