No.95 Boutique Type Foundry

No.95 Boutique Type Foundry | 小型字廠


小型字廠或許沒有大規模字體開發公司那樣龐大的資源庫,但他們仍然願意花費更多的時間和精力完成每一個款字庫設計,堅持通過個體的創意力量和對字體的熱愛,保持本真的表達,在語言世界裡追求屬於自己的視覺美學。自由而精緻的小型字廠或許也正是這個 時代和市場所催生的組織形態——人們願意接納更多元 的視覺表達,這些創意組織也更大膽地通過更多樣的 形式突破字庫設計的邊界與尋找新的可能性。但不變 的是,他們始終維持著對於字庫設計的深入理解與研 究以及判斷一款好字體的高標準。通過此期,編者希 望字體設計師們無論成長或身處於哪一種語言系統中, 都能基於鑽研與探索精神,勇敢地為自己的語言塑造 創新的視覺元素,通過更有趣多樣的字庫設計為閱讀 世界和平面設計建立新的審美與視覺體驗。

Type design is one of the vital elements in the world of graphic design. As a sector of the graphic design discipline, its design and publication are often delivered by type foundries and type companies. In the age of letterpress, it was usually the big-scale type companies that dominated the market. Since the development of digital technology and media, however, type designers are no longer limited by costly printing machines, providing services through the form of digital types. Type design is made more accessible through advancing tools and AI technology. The internet and remote working, on the other hand, simplify the organization and cooperation of type design. As a result, boutique type foundries are becoming more ubiquitous than ever, forming a diverse dynamic of type foundries.

In the absence of archives and resources like the big players, boutique type foundries are willing to invest more time and energy in each design, expressing their individual creativity and passion for types. They preserve sincere communication in their types, and pursue their own visual aesthetics in the world of scripts. Free and sophisticated boutique type foundries can be considered as organizational form of the current time and market. People are willing to accept more diversified visual expressions, and the creative entities are bold to explore the boundaries of the current form. What is unchanging is the in-depth research and understanding of type design, as well as the strict standard of what is considered good. The editor hopes to convey such a spirit of research and exploration to designers, regardless of their cultural background and language customs, and encourages them to create new visual elements for their own languages, and establish new aesthetical and visual experiences in the world of reading and graphic design through distinctive type design.

t¥p3w0rld Face Filter, Published by Dinamo, Concept proposed and Developed by Tabitha Swanson
由Dinamo發行、Tabitha Swanson提供概念和創作的t¥p3w0rld面部濾鏡

Images from GT Maru Designed by Grilli Type
圖片來自Grilli Type設計的GT Maru

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Publication Info

Chief Editor & Design Director: Joshua Wang
主編及設計總監:Joshua Wang
Executive Chief Editor: Hyde Ou
Editorial Consultants: Xiao Yong / Chen Nan / Jiang Hua / Hei Yiyang
編輯顧問:肖勇 / 陳楠 / 蔣華 / 黑一烊
Design Assistants: Nan / Human Mar
設計助理:董南逸 / 麥曉雯 
Coordinator & Flowcharting: Yuer Bi
Editors: Lauren Luo / Yuer Bi / Xintong Lun / Anqi yu
編輯:羅咏詩 / 畢玉兒 / 倫欣彤 / 余安祺
Sales Assistant:Xiuwen Ren


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No.95 Boutique Type Foundry

No.95 Boutique Type Foundry

Type design is one of the vital elements in the world of graphic design. As a sector of the graphic design discipline, its design and publication Read More