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Covid-19 Mute Ver.
Toy Design
🦠 <Covid-19> (Mute Ver.)🦠
Size : 18cm (7 inch)
Material : Resin
만약 자신의 몸에 이렇게 생긴 바이러스가 들어온다고 생각해 봅시다. 
여러분은 어떠신가요??
우리 눈에는 보이지 않는 코로나바이러스를 뮤트라는 캐릭터로 디자인하며 시각적으로 볼 수 있게 작업하였습니다.
Let's think if you get a virus that looks like this in your body. 
How about you guys?
I designed the coronavirus, which is invisible to the eyes, as a character called Mute, and worked on it so that I can see it visually.
Covid-19 Mute Ver.
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MUT€ (정석헌)