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    Some work from college...
New branding, kind of a working progress.
self promo poster for a class project.
This is from a methodologies project. It's how I interpreted a song that was writting in a native African tongue. I couldn't understand the lyrics, but there were a lot of drums and every few measures there were 8 beats that sounded like the heartbeat of an ultra sound. The song was also fast - I was rushed around from home to prime care to the hospital on thanksgiving (without any painkillers) for what felt like the worst pain in the world (kidney stones are pretty bad, but we had no idea what was going on because I've never had kidney stones, I thought I was going to shrivel up and die in the ambulance.)... Anyway, that's my story. I don't remember the name of the song. haha.
For an art history project in graphic design I made some Op Art then made a James Bond poster out of it. I'm not all about re-making pre-existing things, but I think it looks kind of cool. Go ahead and stare at it for a while. 
My final font for Typography class. I need to make more adjustments on it, otherwise I'd be giving it away for free. Hit me up in a couple months if you really like it. 
Minimal bookcovers for Typography class. I love me some Kurt Vonnegut on a rainy day.
I painted the matteboard with espresso before I mounted this in hopes that it would be a cheap way to make it smell like espresso. It didn't really, but it was worth a shot.