NickToons Rebrand Pitch

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  • Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch
  • Nicktoons called us to participate in the pitch for their new worldwide rebrand. Sadly, we didn`t get the job :(, but we did some really nice things we wanted to share. Hope you like it!
    Done by 2veinte
    Creative Direction: Pablo Gostanian
    Art Direction: Pablo Gostanian, Ezequiel Pini
    Lead Design: Pablo Gostanian, Ezequiel Pini
    Design: Andres Remazzina, Alex Gostanian
    Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
    Production Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
    Production: Vanessa Silva
    more info:
    twitter: @2veintestudio
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    twitter: @2veintestudio