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Twain English Education Website

Twain English Education Website
An educational ecosystem with different verticals in ELT (English Language Teaching). 

The name Twain is a reference to Mark Twain, one of the greatest writers of all history. Twain also means 'two' in old English, therefore, since it is required two people to communicate to start a conversation, we thought it would be an appropriate name for our company - Mark Twain is also the author of the first book that I read in English when I was a child. 

Twain English Education works in 4 different areas in ELT: 
Twain English Experience (b2c - English Courses Online) 
Twain International School (b2b - bilingual program) 
Twain Learn & Travel (b2c - international education experience) 
Twain XR Education (b2b - integrated with the in-school bilingual program)

- Build a responsive multi-page website that provides an easy-to-read experience about each business vertical
- The new website needs to provide information and engage action, therefore I implemented several CTA buttons
- To build a website with extra-content in order to optimize SEO and improve the sale funnel

Twain English Education Website


Twain English Education Website