NEW Brand Kit


This is a brand kit design project of a film distributor ‘NEW'. ‘NEW’ developed a new BI to launch more diverse fields of business in addition to the film business that they have been involved in for about a decade. However, they needed a means of delivering new business directions to their members and partners in an easy way and decided to develop a brand kit with ‘NEW’s own philosophy and vision. We reinterpreted the philosophy and the contents of the newly born ‘NEW’ identity and applied them to brand kit components, packages and brand book designs and joined brand book planning and editing too.
We reinterpreted the three circles and colors displayed in the new BI using a little more extended graphic metaphor so they could symbolize organic combination and synergy of each business. Also, the keywords containing the philosophy of ‘NEW’ and the fields of business are flexibly indicated in the graphic metaphor, and the arrow graphics symbolizing signposts were combined to express diverse business directions and dynamics of ‘NEW’.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The brand kit is composed of items that consistently reveal identity of ‘NEW’. We selected office items, which could express perfect combination of circles and straight lines indicating graphic identity of ‘NEW’ and designed them focusing on balanced applications of the three colors. The image of all the components positioned correctly in one box symbolizes systematic and flexible convergence of contents-specialized businesses of ‘NEW’.
NEW BRAND Kit design

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Package Design,
Product Design, Book Design, Editor  ​
DESIGN : DOEUI LEE, Heeyoung Kim 
book design : Chaerin Shin
Editor : Sojin Lee
next entertainment world
PROJECT DIRECTION : junkyung park
MANAGING : minji kim, sungrok im

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NEW Brand Kit
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