14 Cañonazos Bacánika

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  • Bacánika (a colombian on-line magazine) commissioned me to do
    an illustration for the cover of their december / 2013 issue.
    14 Cañonazos
    I was asked to do something inspired by "14 Cañonazos",
    a compilation album widely known in our country for its covers and
    for being the collector of the greatest tropical hits every year since 1960.
  • A few classic "14 Cañonazos" covers.
    The idea of the magazine was to collect their best
    14 articles of 2013 and show them as if they were "cañonazos". 
    So, in order to achieve that, we designed the cover of an 
    imaginary vinyl record called "14 Cañonazos Bacánika"
  • Album cover process
  • You can check the 14 articles and the illustration in this link: