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Photography of Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values, a partnership from 2020-2021 with five community-based organizations—led by Three Sisters Kitchen with Centro Sávila, Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, Encuentro, and Together for Brothers—celebrates the complexity that shows up on our plates, honors the stories we all have to tell, and creates opportunities to have conversations about what we hope and dream for our communities, as we share meals around the table.

Photography by Granadina Co-op 
Including portraits of the five community leaders + food styling
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Participating Organizations
Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, Encuentro, Three Sisters Kitchen, Together for Brothers, and Centro Sávila.

Partner Restaurants
Buen Provecho, Nexus Brewery, Soo Bak Seoul Bowl, Street Food Institute, and The Shop.
Nutritional Values was realized through a collective process of idea sharing based on the belief that interdisciplinary collaboration, trust, and a passion for storytelling can lead to vibrant ideas.

Project Manager + Workshop Facilitator + Writer: Divina Olivas
Artistic Director + Workshop Facilitator: Michael Lorenzo López
Project Support: Anzia Bennet
Lead Artist and Designer: Carlos Irahm Gabaldon
Workshop Facilitator and Artist: Keily Castro
Writer + Food Stylist: Isha Aran
Photography + Food Stylist: Granadina Co-op
Web Development: MediaDesk

Photography of Nutritional Values

Photography of Nutritional Values


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