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    "Fastest" showcases spirited adventures of personal triumph through assorted animation styles and magenta and yellow hues.

Fastest is the first music video for the outstanding Baltimore based band Eureka Birds. The animation tell the story of different characters, in a race chasing their dreams come true.

Premiered on Bullett: bit.ly/1dqbIct
Production Company: dreambear: dreambear.org
Producers: Evan Brown / Lee Levin
Design, Illustration and Animation: Daniel Cordero: muloomba.wordpress.com
Story: Matt Yarrington: abandonbuilding.com
The running girls.
With 80´s style, these girls are inspired in Masters of The Universe, Wonderwoman and Barbarella 1980´s cartoons.
The Sailor.
Inspired in those 1940´s tough american and russian sailors. He collects in his own body tattoos designed by the famous Sailor Jerry.
The Afronaut.
Based in 1960´s Zambia astronaut program, which intended to take 10 humans and 10 cats to Mars (...) He wears an astronaut suit designed as a traditional costume.
The fireman.
He tries to save a little girl from the fire no matter what.
Sailor Jerry.
The famous 1950´s tattoo artist based in Honolulu, Hawai.
The Mexican Wrestler.
His dream is to defeat famous El Santo.
Some animated frames
Some stills
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