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Branding & Identity | InCyColl
Brand & Identity
A branding for InCyColl, a brand that revolves around junk journalling for the younger generation
that strive to help reduce waste issues.
The Brief
To create a brand that have values for a better environment.
The Solution
To create InCyColl, a brand that revolves around junk journaling and strive to help reduce waste by
recycling and reusing household waste as the materials.

The main target audience is the younger generation age 8-20 years old because good habit start from young.
The secondary audience is j
ournaling enthusiast and the audience’s parents.
The Meaning of InCyColl
The name came from:
In from inspire which is the brand main value;
Cy from cycle as in recycle and reuse; and
Coll from collage, one of journaling process/activity.
Logo Rationale
>  Organic shape from a trash bag/paper looks like a paint splotch with neutral beige cream colour
     represent the dull waste and a blank page/canvas that is the start of everything.
>  The organic paint ‘splotch’ blocks with various shape represent building something, collage and playful.
>. Triangle and circle with green represent cycle from recycling, the environment, education and charity.
>  Triangle and light orange rectangle convey the household,where the creativity, fun and inspiring education start.
>. While the pink trapezoid and circle are exclamation mark that represents inspire, playful, motivation,
    collage and creativity.
The Stationery
The Store Window Signs
The Vehicle and Staff's T-Shirt
The Staff's ID Cards & Lanyard
The Stamps
The Documentation Folder & Mailer Box
The Product Packaging, Notebook Journal & Tape
The Membership Magazine & Event/Workshop Certificate
The Vouchers/Coupons
For recycling program where customer can donate their wasteget the coupons each time they donate min. 500 gram of waste (according to the accepted list of waste). If they collect 10 coupons then they can choose and get a free product.
The Membership Mobile App & Website Landing Page
Branding & Identity | InCyColl
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Jessica Olivia

Branding & Identity | InCyColl