The Kittinger Project
Wii Fit Game Concept

In this one-week task the students had to test and analyze the Nintendo Wii game console and its controller, the Wii Fit.

After analyzing the good and bad points the students had to join in groups of 2 and create a game concept for the Wii, paper prototype it, test it with students outside of the group and finally make an Evidencing until the end of the week.

Our (Ruben Constanço & Erik Lanuza) proposal was centered in a unconventional and never used before way to use the Wii Fit. Instead of staying on top of the controller, the user lay down with his chest on the controller. The tests presented us with an amazing discovery. This way of using the controller is much more stable and easy, being able to reach new records in the games much faster.

The game concept is a futuristic wing suit skydiving game simulator, where the player has to reach different shining bug clouds to get points and power to his boosters.

As Evidencing we created a movie-clip, showing the fly experience that is felt in the game, and also showing some snapshots of what the game should look like.
Game Storyboard

Game Conceptual Images