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Caparaki 2021
The concept 

In the year 2021, compliant with the ancient prophecies, the world is finally meeting its End (pun intended). Earthlings of all races, religions, and sizes, are either celebrating or mourning, depending on which influencers they follow. 

But not all humans are so confident about how they feel concerning the Apocalypse. A small bunch of designers, for example, chose to be able to decide at the very last minute, so they went out for a... Salvation Absolute Quest [in their] Multiverse Yacht [for] Planetary Escape Nomads (SAQ MY PEN for short). 

Their mission was to find something that would be able to cure every carnal or spiritual disease (if they didn't feel quite ready to step into the next version of existence) but at the same time, that something should be able to "bye-bye-everything" (if they felt like time had come for a change). 

That something turned out to be a lot closer than they thought. In Chromomonastiri, a small village situated in Crete-Greece-Earth, where a monk by the name Venizelos was turning grapes into God.
The product 

Tsikoudia (Greek: τσικουδιά), also often called raki (Greek: ρακή) is an alcoholic spirit: a fragrant, grape-based white brandy-type of Cretan origin that contains 40% to 50% alcohol. Tsikoudia is made by distilling pomace, what remains of grapes pressed in winemaking. The pomace ferments for about six weeks in a tightly-sealed barrel and is then distilled. It is often produced at local, small distilleries in villages throughout Crete, and alcohol content varies by producer. The yearly production starts from late October to early November.
The project
Caparaki - 2021 (Caparo + raki) is a limited edition packaging of homemade "tsikoudia" (raki) - a traditional spirit of Cretan origin - produced in 200 numbered pieces in total Intended for our clients and friends to give them a special packaging gift to cherish our good moments and to have something to remember, Caparaki is a concept that celebrates craftsmanship, creativity, and people coming together. Caparaki comes with a different concept and packaging design each year. Common ground is the studio's insights, stories, jokes, projects, etc., featured on pack design, and last but not least, the portrait of each Caparo member.
kudos to the people that helped us make this happen

Packaging print/caps  (Handmade silk printing) — Tind
Packaging production (box) — La Petite Jumelle
Label print — Alpha labels
Photos — Theodosis Georgiadis
Texts — Yorgos Garefalakis
Font used: Velvetyne Type Foundry (designed by Jérémy Landes, Greek glyphs by George Triantafyllakos)

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Caparaki 2021