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Deerror Brand Identity

Corporate identity for the musical group Deerror.

I have put together a huge amount of work that I have done over the years, from logo design to website, video and NTF.

This is more than music!
The main version of the logo.
Various logo options for all possible placement options and details of their drawing.
A very subtle version of the text part of the logo for special occasions.
An alternative version of the icon with text.
Black and white logo options.
Horizontal grid based on the text portion of the logo.
Horizontal poster on a grid.
Vertical grid based on the text portion of the logo.
Vertical poster.
Horizontal and vertical posters on the wall.
Vinyl and CD.
Basic art for vinyl and CD.
Cover for recordings in the studio.
Deerror Studio Sessions 0004 video (cover design test).
Teaser cover art.
Teaser cover art video (design test).
Covers for the band's debut releases.
More covers design.
Album Promo Mix cover design.
Original Mix and Remixes of some single (cover design).
Music video design and effects. Feel You Mine (Sidume Remix)
More and  more cover art series design.
Some CD demo of cover art design.
Music video design and effects. Feel You Mine (Original Mix)
Latest cover and video cover art design.
Video design of live performance video.
Deerror wesite deerror.ru
On desctop, tablet and mobile.
Main part of the website is music.
Realeses detail pages.
Website main page design.
More pages of website - shop and videos.
About page.
Stack of business cards.
Front and back of business cards.
Various merch designs.
Some special editions of merch design.
Some special editions of merch design.
More merch design.
More merch design.
Band photo art design with logo elements.
More photos of the band with brand colours and logo.
Design of various streaming platforms and social networks.
This is just the beginning of the story!
I hope you enjoy it.
Deerror Brand Identity


Deerror Brand Identity