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Cinemagraphs of Rivers, Waterfalls & Lakes
Cinemagraphs of Rivers, Waterfalls & Lakes
I started creating cinemagraphs in 2015 and quickly got more and more into the whole process of creating this art form. I was curated as one of the so called "Flixel Wizards", a small group of influential cinemagraph experts and professionals around the world by the software company Flixel. I won a big worldwide contest in 2016 and my Cinemagraph work was shown on Times Square in New York City, where I also was invited to take part at several events based around the role and impact of cinemagraphs in today's marketing. A lot of my work is licensed by the stock agencies such as gallereplay, Blackbox Digital Guild, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Vimeo Stock, Pond5  and I'm creating custom work for companies and other clients.

You can find more of my work here:

A cinemagraph is a moving picture, that can even be viewed in an endless loop on the internet. And thanks to new software in any resolution and with as many colours as you want (up to 4K, 16,1 million colours), instead of just 256 colours as with GIF-files. It gives something quite special to every shot.
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Cinemagraphs of Rivers, Waterfalls & Lakes