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[YV] Trimmer
Industrial Design

[yv] Trimmer 

Hair trimmers are just getting too saturated and monotonous in todays market, thus this project was a way to express my personal frustration and is an effort to come up with something fresh with easy to use capabilities. This concept is just 
a personal exploration exercise and is not entitled to be a real product. 

Identifying my Design intent and area of intervention
Early sketch iterations : quick sketch iterations to establish a design language
Rapid Form Prototyping
The final cad model was modelled in FUSION 360
CMF opportunities : Each color types represents a type of personality that I want to cater to.

Option 1: Poppy Pink [ Targeted towards enthusiastic and exciting people ]
Option 1: Dark metal [ for people with a disruptive mindset ]
Option 3: Earthy Pastels [ for people with a simplistic and minimal product choice ]
Brand Identity

[YV] : logo and brand visuals created by PIYUSH BHAGAT
Our idea was to come up with something simple and fresh that calls to a very wide range of audience, YV signifies the words Why We , those words portrays the motive behind the brands rebellious nature to not fit in the norm and be bold. 

Simple clear and visually clear packaging
[YV] Trimmer