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Safe Tag
Mobile Security Beacon Product & System
 Safe Tag is a wireless security device for displaying mobile phones in retail stores; currently installed at SK Telecom stores in South Korea. The product consists of a tag and cradle parts. Connect the tag to the charging pin of smartphones and charge with the cradle through the magnetic Pogo pin. The tag rings a security alarm and sends location data directly to the store manager in real-time if someone detaches it from the smartphone without permission. The same alert system applies when the distance between the tag and the cradle is greater than the set value. Customers can experience brand new smartphones before purchasing without the inconvenience of anti-theft cable locking devices.

Manufactured by kongtech, Designed by kongtech design team
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T-Factory retail store in Mapo-gu, Seoul.
 T-Factory is one of the leading mobile phone stores in South Korea owned by SK Telecom. At T-Factory, Safe Tag's wireless safety system provides customers a whole new experience to play with the latest smartphone models freely.
 Safe Tag is designed to provide customers with a more convenient experience by solving the problems of existing anti-theft cable locking devices for retail mobile phones.
 The charging pin has a sliding hinge that moves back and forth. Thanks to this structure, the tag can be compatible with all types of smartphones in different thicknesses.
 A separate built-in battery allows the security alert system to go on even when the tag is detached from the cradle. Real-Time Location System(RTLS) sends alerts and location data to store managers when the tag is disconnected from the smartphone, which helps managers to keep track of the products' location and status at any time.
 Safe Tag can transmit detail information of combined smartphone to the electronic-ink board display, ESL. This data can be erased and rewritten when the smartphone model change. Also, even if you take the tag out of the cradle, the ESL can continue to show the most recent smartphone’s information on the screen without any electricity. This eco-energy system is also available at the T-Factory Flagship Store in Seoul, Mapo-Gu.
Manufactured by kongtech
Designed by kongtech design team
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Director : Youngsoo Jung
Engineer : Myunghyun Sung
Designer : Sewon Chung / Injong Han

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Safe Tag
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