Hamster Priest (Bravest Warriors Season 2 Episode 4)
Cartoon Hangover presents Bravest Warriors, "Hamster Priest"
Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips RETURNS! Not only that but Plum and Chris are kissing, Danny has weird eyes and Wallow is drinking his ol' beer! What the heck is up with the Warriors and what does it all mean?
Ralph Waldo Picklechips
Triangle Shaped Hologram
Bloor Bloor's Troops
Captain's Chair
Catbug's Scooter
Danny in Uniform
Wally in Uniform
Jelly Kid
Hawaiian Danny with Mustache
Sci-Fi Machine
Virus Container
Big Ol' Beer
Lord Catbug
The Throne of Catbug
Chris' Shadow
A Hamster Named Mitch

Created by: Pendleton Ward
Written by: Breehn Burns, Jason Johnson
Directed by: Breehn Burns

Creative Consultant: Jason Johnson
Creative Director: James Burks
Storyboard by: Brandon Kruse
Timing Supervisor: Larry Huber
Sheet Timing: Woody Yocum
Character Designers: Bob Flynn, Phil Rynda, Maris Wicks, Jojo Baptista
Prop/EFX Designers: Jojo Baptista, Greg Sesma
Char/Prop/EFX Clean Up: Greg Sesma, Jojo Baptista
Background Design: Derek Hunter, Steven Sugar, Jojo Baptista
Background Painter: Mira Lark Crowell
Color Stylist: Mira Lark Crowell, Cynthia McIntosh
Storyboard Revisions: James Burks

Developed By: Breehn Burns, Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi
Executive Producers: Fred Seibert, Breehn Burns
Producer: Kevin Kolde, Eric Homan
Production Manager: Sylvia Edwards
Production Coordinator: Stephen Worth, Dana Jo Granger
Casting Director: Meredith Layne, CSA
Editor: Andy Tauke
Animatic Editor: Dave Woody

Beth: Liliana Mumy
Chris: Alex Walsh
Danny: John Omohundro
Wallow: Ian Jones-Quartey
Catbug: Sam Lavagnino
Plum: Tara Strong
Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips: Bill Mumy

Voice Director: Breehn Burns
Dialogue Recording: Salami Studios
Dialogue Mixer: Mark Mercado, Jonathan Abelardo
Post Production: Salami Studios
Re-Recording Mixer: Thomas J. Maydeck C.A.S.
Sound Designer: Robert McIntyre
Sound Effects Editor: Jessey Drake
Bravest Warriors Theme Song By: Peter Berkman, Jon Baken
Score By: Drew Neumann

Animation Checking: Wendy Jacobsmeyer
Track Reading: Slightly-Off Track Inc.
Animation Services: Dongwoo A&E Co., LTD.
Animation Director: Ki-Ho Hwang
Layout Artists: Jung-Sang Yu, Jae-Jung Lee, Young-Man Song, Hyun-Ju Park, Se-Jin Cho, Dong-Kwon Park, Yong-Kyung Choi
Model Checker: Sun-Hee Hwang
Assistant Animation Supervisors: Keun-Sik Song
Key Animation: Jung-Seok Seo, Jong-Min Kim, Jae-Won Baec, Chul-Jae Jung, Hyun-Seok Seo, Hak-Soo Mok, In-Seol Hwang, Seung-Ki Cho
Final Checker: Jin Namkung
Background Director: Yoon-Hoo Lee
Color Stylist: Mi-Ok Jeon
Composition: Kang-Ok Kim, Joo-Hee Yang, Soo-Jung Yang, Eun-Joo Choi, Mi-Kyung Lee
Production Staff: Young-Un Park, Shinwan Kim, Sua Park

Bravest Warriors follows four teenaged heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions. Created by Pendleton Ward, the mind behind Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.
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Hamster Priest (Bravest Warriors Season 2 Episode 4)

Hamster Priest (Bravest Warriors Season 2 Episode 4)

Cartoon Hangover presents Bravest Warriors, "Hamster Priest" Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips RETURNS! Not only that but Plum and Chris are kissing, Dann Read More

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