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    K10 is a book and an editorial project. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of Frigyes Karinthy High School's Dual Language Class of 2003.

K10 Anniversary Book 

Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration

K10 is a booklet and an editorial project. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of Karinthy Frigyes High School's Dual Language Class of 2003. The form-master of the dual language class with high number of English lessons  is a mathematics and physics teacher who has been teaching in the same high school for more than twenty years and who has prepared several classes for higher  education and life. The class has a close relationship with their teacher therefore they’ve summarised in a personalised publication what has happened to them in the past ten years. The class of which I was a member too, express their thanks with this booklet for the four memorable and determining  highs school years.

The simple and clean design of the booklet was inspired by the 70s and 80s typical Eastern European retro school equipments, primarily the red and blue colours of the two-colour pencil which was used for correction. In the illustration learning and teaching tools and objects appear, for instance the logarithm, callipers, protractor and checkered booklet refer to the mathematics classes. The illustration of the booklet recalls the memories of the affectionate learning and teaching, for instance who where was sitting in the classroom. In the booklet we also collected our current availability to continue keeping in touch with each other.

Graphic Design: Tunde Molnar
Photo: Norbert Perness

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