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Le cycle de l'imaginaire

Surface Design
Le cycle de l'imaginaire is a 4min visual tale, projected in the Place des Arts mosaic screens (Montreal, Canada).

Place des Arts, gave me carte blanche to create visual contents, I imagined a fantastic journey through 6 places: Old Egypt, Arabia, a magic jungle, an Indian parade, a dreamlike city and a starry sky.

This contemplative journey is thought of as a loop that never ends. We begin the epic at dawn in Egypt, arrive in the morning with Arabia, at noon we are in a magical jungle. We continue in an Indian parade in the afternoon, then watch a hot air balloon flight at sunset and end with a starry sky at night.
The video is playing on 35 differents screens (15 000 pixels wide). Enjoy!
Year: 2019
Client: Place des Arts (Montréal, Canada)
Concept, design and animation: Dalkhafine
Sound design: Place des Arts
Le cycle de l'imaginaire


Le cycle de l'imaginaire