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    The digital typeface revival of Nieuw Javaansch No.1 while attending the TypeMedia Masters program at KABK in The Hague 2012/13.
Nieuw Javaansch No.1 2012 was my typeface revival project for Type and Media at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.
I discovered the Nieuw Javaansch No.1 typeface specimen from Lettergieterij Amsterdam (printed in 1910) for sale at the Antique & Book Market in The Hague on Lange Voorhout in Winter 2012. I immediately fell in love with the letterforms and thought it would be an interesting typeface to revive. Myself being Australian, the connection between the Netherlands, Indonesia and Australia was a nice fit.
Although this wasn’t a typeface I could read myself, the experience of working with unfamiliar letterforms was a great experience.
Nieuw Javaansch No.1 was the first text typeface designed by S.H. de Roos in 1909 while working at Lettergieterij Amsterdam (formerly known as N. Tetterode) in competition to existing Javanese types at the time by the Enschede Foundry.
This project involved extensive research and translation challenges. You can read more about the research and design process here.
A page set in Nieuw Javaansche No.1 2012
Original page from the Nieuw Javaansche No. 1 1909, Lettergieterij Amsterdam specimen
A Javanese poem set in Nieuw Javaansche No.1 2012
The Javanese alphabet (above), combined creates a story of equality
Nieuw Javaansche No.1 2012 punctuation marks and numerals
Javanese Unicode table showing Nieuw Javaansch No.1 2012 digital revival