Music Scene
At the time I finished this project the counter stood on 86 individual CDs. 
I did this to show the diversity of artwork within my album collection, also to show the music in a way you normaly don't portrait it. Albums get sold in a rectangle form with artwork we recognize and with this catalogue I tried to reveal the more physical essence of the musical product by putting it in a different daylight.
Every album is scanned and printed on a glossy paper page of 10x8 cm to form this approx. 3 meter leporello. 
Initially I just wanted to expose these images, but in the process of putting the catalogue together I felt the urge to write a clarifying text preceding the album artwork pages. These red pages created a certain layer of depth to the project. I explain my point of view on the visual aspect of my album collection and how I came to the idea of making this catalogue.

All album artwork copyrights © go to their respected owners