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    Design of a booth for CBBC at an Expo fair
I´m currently working for the Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Baja California (CBBC) which is basically a public institution that provides high school education to little over 40, 000 students in my state (Baja California, México). I live in the state´s capitol, Mexicali, and every year an Expo fair is celebrated wich attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. This is the booth I was comissioned to design in 2006.
It all started with a brainstorm session in my department where everybody expressed what they tought should be displayed in the stand.
So at the end we had a list of many things, many of them where realistic, like the proyector, some freebies to giveaway, others were a little farfetched like having cheerleaders perform every hour (wich was not doable for the students). Also, something important to mention, is that there was a lot of bureocracy involved, a classic example of design by comittee, so a lot of people had to be pleased with the design, but I believe that the result was very good taking this into consideration
This was the first option, the upper left corner was going to be wall left blank so that we could proyect on it.
The center of the stand was going to be a displaying window, this idea was later retaken.
After some meetings, this was the agreed layout, a little too much like maze. But turned out to be a good one
And so I started working based on this layout. I really liked the curved window in the corner of the entrance, it was a pity that it could not be made by our workshop.
The finished front of the stand.
The display window was added to the back, at the center.
This was the end of the design process. After this I passed the schematics to our Workshop and I had watch over the construction process. The results were the following: