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    Various editorial works.
Mascotte for the 2013 FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) Congress in Dublin, titled 'Complex Patients'. Based on the Vitruvian Man, the character represents the complexities of patients, inspired by the various aspects that are involved in their treatment, like: different socio-economical backgrounds, multiple diseases, multiple medicines, multiple caregivers, etc.
Images and details for the Computer Arts editorial piece 'Designing through a downturn'. The article likened managing a design studio in the economic recession to ships and boats going through rough waters and waves, hence the nautical theme.
The characters' (designers') heads are computer screens showing their software expertise, in a stylized fashion. Can you spot the 3D wizard in there? :)
Cover for Conference Holland, a magazine for people and companies that organize conferences and business meetings.
agency: Shop Around
Illustrations for the new dutch website De Correspondent, that aims to offer a higher quality of journalistic pieces. The images were made for the article 'University Rankings', which talks about the strange and nonsensical way universities gain their prestige points. Satirical stuff!