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Estee Lauder Scents @ Builders Club
3D Motion

Our latest campaign for Estée Lauder in collaboration with Wednesday launches the brand's first-ever luxury fragrance. Through a mixed media approach, we combined dynamic shot footage with surreal CGI to explore each perfume’s individual sensorial journeys as well as the science and ingredients behind the scents.
We created films and stills for main campaign content to social appetizers - all crafted with consideration for an artful and unusual aesthetic that would feel contemporary within the luxury market. This global product launch campaign is being used across Estée Lauder’s digital channels such as website, Instagram, in-store as well as large-scale printed billboards worldwide.

Client: Estee Lauder
Production Company: Builders Club
Creative Director: Jonas Hegi & Julien Simshauser
Producer: Lauren Egen
Art Director: Rory Cahill
Design/Animation: George BarettLuca Struchen,
Akshay Depala, Artur Zhamaletdinov, Anatolik Belikov

Estee Lauder Scents @ Builders Club