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Deep Desert Spirited Infusions

Deep Desert - Cannabis-Infused Premium Crafted Beverage
Deep Desert is the new spirit — a premium, non-alcoholic, THC mixer formulated for optimizing our senses, so that we feel what we see. When you want to go deeper, to get beyond the surface, this is where you go. Welcome to the Desert. Out here we can be authentic. Or outrageous. Occasionally profound. Sometimes playful. And always more in sync with the world around us. 

Enjoy Deep Desert Spark (red) when you’re ready to wake up the mind, free the spirit, and boost your energy. Savor Deep Desert Chill (blue) to calm body and mind for a serene vibe when you want to connect with the here and now. 
Brand Concept
Deep Desert is crafted in the celebration of freedom, enlightenment, and connection — the very things that seekers have often found in the magical and often mystical desert landscape. Surf the light. Cruise the night. Leave the usual behind. Sip it to enjoy a refreshing oasis in your day and bask in the deep connection with your crew. Because out here, you are somewhere. Experience the Desert. Go Deep.
Jessica's Role
Jessica's role was to create a brand identity to support the Deep Desert name and brand concept. Immediately embracing the desert vision, she and her team started with the bottle design; wrapping the entire surface with evocative desert imagery with a warm and dramatic sand dune landscape. Jessica also came up with the idea of a desert jack rabbit icon. The rabbit spirit animal has always been a symbol of positive changes coming into life. 
Project Scope
Logo / Packaging / Landing Page
Team: AgencySacks, Copywriter: Michael Ward, Design: Stacey Katzen

Deep Desert Spirited Infusions


Deep Desert Spirited Infusions